Warehousing Distributions

Mega Freight provide complete warehousing and distribution services, backed with modern inventory control solutions, which can be integrated with any of your existing software with online connectivity. Our warehousing solutions will provide the online connectivity to work same as your own warehouse, with full freedom to Order, Receive and Issue of materials. We do provide the specialized warehousing like Temperature controlled warehouse, Frozen material storage, Chemical storage & Hazards Material storage facilities.

In our Endeavour to offer end-to-end business solutions, and peace of mind, we extend inventory warehousing and distribution service to all our clients, importers and exporters. These services recognize your warehousing and transportation requirements and enhance coordination.

You will be able to create all reports from the system or you can integrate the data with your software and use it as your report warehouse.

Following are the major activities we provide in the Warehousing and distribution

1. Container storage

2. Pallet storage

3. Container packing / unpacking

4. Pelletizing

5. Stretch wrapping

6. Shrink wrapping

7. Assembling and Dismantling

8. Order picking

9. Storage pending delivery (long and short term)

10. Labeling

11. Pallet control

12. Surveyor’s reports

13. Full range of specialist materials handling equipment

14. Material Issuance as per Delivery Order.

15. Delivery as per the delivery Order

16. Full access to the inventory and report generation